COVID19 gets its A*%E Kicked

We are doing all the right things to make sure COVID19 doesn't get back into our area.

We have our QR tracing posters up.  Hopefully they get used and are not needed.  But we want to be prepared for any eventuality.

You will see in store the Hygiene instructions and recommendations that you are probably already using but it's good to be reminded.  We are after all in Alert Level 2 in our place in the sun.  Our thoughts are with all those in Auckland who are suffering at the moment.  We expect that to end soon.  Hang in there.

All our staff practice Social Distancing and are pretty good at it now.  Our shop customers are also doing the right thing and keeping a safe distance between themselves and us.

Get some Vape into yourself and stay happy.  Stay safe and stay home if you can.


All the best from us here at VapingNZ Taradale Vape Shop

Lily, Brian, Chris and Ilse