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Best Pod Systems

Best Pod Systems

Pods are the trend at the moment.  Mostly because of the Advertising.

Okay.  I admit they are a brilliant alternative to smoking and usually affordable and mostly they do work.  However, buying one from a place that gives you no advice, assistance with use, maintenance and offer almost no warranty is foolish.

I my humble opinion, if a Pod type Vape system does not have a refillable tank and a reasonable coil system, it will not do what you hoped for, long term.

Disposable pods, which means that you are buying the juice with the pod, will ultimately cost more and limit the choices of juice.  They don't, I believe, give the most satisfying vaping experience.

So, having said that, I believe the best system is a Vaporesso Nexus, which has a CCell coil to give good flavour, a refillable tank, and is a comparable size and shape.  This kind of device will suit most people that are looking for a good long-term nicotine replacement system.

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