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Top 5 Vape Myths Busted | VapingNZ Vape Store

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Top 5 Vape Myths Busted | VapingNZ Vape Store

Amazed by the myths shrouding vaping and vape products? We’re too!

To ensure sensationalistic reports, which are mostly untrue, aren’t able to influence you; we’re busting here the commonest myths here. How many of these have you heard (or believed in until now)?

VapingNZ is your fondly-frequented vape store in Taradale, New Zealand. Besides beginners, we are equally visited by experienced vapers who trust our products and love to explore the variety of our vape juices on offer. We wouldn’t certainly want you to believe in the myths surrounding vaping and turn to smoking (again). We’re with you in your attempt to turn to the much better option – vaping, while you continue to have fun.

Are you ready for some myth-busts?

Myth 1: Vaping is as harmful as smoking

This myth tops our list and you know why.

Vaping and smoking aren’t the same and in no case can the harmful effects of smoking tobacco be equivalent to the fun one can experience by vaping. Burning tobacco releases the very harmful tar and carbon-monoxide, which are harmful even for passive smokers. Whereas, heating vape juice in the aerosol produces vapour-based nicotine that is addictive but not as unhealthy. Also, the risk of passive vaping by bystanders is not known.

Myth 2: Vaping doesn’t aid you to quit smoking

One of the reasons why smokers turn to vaping is to reduce the ill effects of smoking on their health. For thousands of smokers, e cigarettes have been incredibly effective and have helped to transition smoothly. Vaping helps smokers to quit smoking by offering a healthier and an easily accessible option. There’re several research findings to substantiate this. Therefore there’s no substance in this rumour whatsoever.

Myth 3: Vaping causes respiratory illnesses

As vaping is a healthier option, it doesn’t cause illnesses. Nevertheless, if a person doesn’t like a particular e juice flavor or it doesn’t suit him, he should stop using it immediately. Most vaping-related illnesses are a result of using illicit or sub-standard products bought from shoddy vape stores.

VapingNZ offers you the choicest collection of e-liquids and vape juices in over 250 flavours. Our collection includes the latest range from LIQUA, My Juice, Long White Vapour, VapourEyes, Get hooked, and Simply.

Myth 4: Vaping isn’t as satisfying as smoking

On the contrary, smokers who have turned to vaping vouch for the unparalleled experience one can expect from using good-quality vape products. This includes genuine vaping devices, high-quality vape juices, and smart accessories. Vaping isn’t as satisfying as smoking because it is far better.

Myth 5: There’s not much difference between good and bad vape products

Though this features in the end, this is perhaps the most shocking of them all.

Vape products from illegal markets contain dangerous additives and using them can result in several health hazards. For the best and safest vaping experience, buy vape products from genuine vape stores only.

Vaping NZ is stocked with the latest and best quality vape products from top brands only. Visit us in store or browse our website to place your order today.

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